The wedding service itself is frequently accompanied by both a religious and civil service, but there are many different traditions that make up polish marriage cultures. Some are more complex than individuals, but all are meant to exhibit the pair that their family and friends are united in their support of them and wish them a happy life up.

One of the most famous polish wedding traditions is the Oczepiny (unveiling of the wedding). The debut is a major part of the matrimony and it represents her change from second female to married wife. The bride’s parents, aunts, godmothers and grandmothers all join her on the dance floor in a circle and, at the command of the druzba ( band leader ), they remove the bride’s veil while the guests sing a song called Oj Chmielu Chmielu ( which some claim is the oldest known polish wedding song ).

Another standard Polish wedding traditions is zmowiny – this is where the families of the wedding and wife meet for the first time. The monsieur d’ or group leader will declare the parents, who subsequently come to a smaller table with bread and salt. The breads symbolizes the hope that the couple may always knowledge hunger meet polish women and the salt reminds them that life will sometimes been tough and they must learn to cope jointly.

After the display of bread and salt, the few has their second toast- usually this is a shot of vodka passed from person to person. The couple drinks from their glasses and, according to tradition, whoever ends up with the glass of vodka will wear the pants in the relationship!

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